Welcome to the All New Attack Academy!

We’ve come a long way since we started as The Player’s Studio back in 2018. But throughout the entire process, we’ve kept our mission clear: give developing players the tools to take their game to the next level by using elite level coaching and cutting edge technology.

We constantly hear coaches and brands saying that “putting in the extra work” and “trusting the process” are the clear paths to success–but sometimes the path isn’t so clear. How are you supposed to know what that process is? As a developing player, how can you design a plan to get to the next level if you aren’t there yet?

That’s where we come in.

We bring elite level coaching directly to you by outlining, down to the rep, the process that our professional coaches use to train.

How does Grant Ament practice his split dodge when he’s training alone?

What does Rob Pannell do when he’s in the gym?

What does Tom Schreiber see when he’s analyzing a defense?

What does Mac O’Keefe do to be so accurate with his shot?

Our guys spent the last couple decades forming their processes and honing their craft. Now they’re ready to pass it on. When you’re ready to be better than you were yesterday, we’ll be waiting for you.

See you soon,

The Attack Academy Team

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